Automate your Business

We are a cloud-based marketing platform automating real-time data across independent dealer endpoints. We are determined to automate your entire business in every way possible in order to free up time for the more important tasks. Market your business effortlessly with no coding required. It's hassle free and all inclusive. From start to finish, we'll handle all the heavy lifting and do what's necessary to integrate with your current software provider.

Call today to setup a demo to see how our groundbreaking LinkOS can save you both time and money by automating and syncing data across platforms and apps for as low as $39/mo/user.

Deliveries Route Optimization & POD

Whether you need just a basic signature capture service, or our auto route optimization to ensure the fastest route time, we've got you covered. Our Tracking app comes with all the tools you need to get your drivers on the road promptly and back at the office in a timely manner, all while keeping them punctual with a down-to-the-minute ETA. Do you have a driver that seems to take way longer than they should? Well our platform helps keep everyone honest by showing how late a driver may be to each and every delivery, with a +/- time throughout the day. We even allow you to add default blocks for lunch, assembly and other tasks. Does it take your driver 30 minutes to plan the route in the morning? Let our software shave off a dozen hours/driver a month with our route optimization saving you $100's. Worried data entry will take to long? Have your orders setup to automatically be sent from a verified 3rd party into our system every morning, all of which will be grouped, sorted and auto-routed the way you want before you even open our platform. At the end of the day, we even automatically archive all of your orders where we keep them safely stored for as long as you need.

  • Interactive Map with Route Optimization
  • Signature & Picture Capture
  • Automatic Upload from 3rd Party
  • Default Grouped Routes
  • Route Times with ETA
  • Blocks for Lunch/Tasks
  • Delivery Notes & Instructions
  • Multiple Distribution Locations
  • Analytics
  • Website Widgets
GET STARTED The Marketing Bundle - $199/mousd
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We've learned through the years it's not so much about having a website built, but having it built on a versatile and flexible platform. Our goal is for your code base to grow as your business grows with our customizable websites and applications that run on our very own OS. Our editor and templates allow for 100% edit-ability, unlike our competition which only offers small tweaks to existing templates. This allows you to have your website exactly as you want it, and not have it look like every other cookie cutter website used on other platforms. We even have several templates for different types of pages as a starting point to get you live today. All of our apps directly connect into our editor, so it's simple to add a slider, campaign or even a catalog to your website with ease.

  • Drag and Drop website editor
  • 100% Editable Templates
  • Responsive website
  • Blazing Fast Speeds
  • SEO Optimized and Friendly
  • Accessible & Compliant
  • Secure
  • Dedicated Server Options
  • Shareable Content (Coming Soon)
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Looking to get serious about your online presence? So are we! Your website is the face of your business, why not make it front and center. Ask your sales representative about which SEO plan fits your needs and budget.

  • Local SEO Ranking
  • Product Ranking
  • Rich Snippets
  • Keyword ranking
  • Title tags, meta data and alt/title tags
  • Ongoing campaign deployment
  • Internal linking
  • Internal Page structure & accessibility to maximize search capability
  • Link assess and cleanup
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Manage and publish your campaigns with a single toggle or turn Autopilot on and we'll do the heavy lifting. With Campaigns, you'll have the tools to manage and deliver consistent content to your website when you need it.

  • Create, organize, edit & publish campaigns to your website
  • Browse public campaigns
  • Set start and end dates
  • Set custom pricing & margins
  • Set and assign linked slides
  • Deploy Emails (Coming Soon)
  • Measure content performance with campaign analytics
  • Instant Implementation - One click away to publish - Our enhanced web syndication makes it easy for you to publish content directly to your website with a single click.
  • Instant Content - Have access to the largest network of dealer content.
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With our Catalogs app, we went the extra mile with just about everything unlimited: categories, products, prices, attributes, etc. You can set your own price for everything, or just let our system figure out your price based on each components cost and what margin you want to make on each product or category. Sell printing and/or ad specialty? With our platform you can add corners, thickness, ink colors, sizing, and just about anything to a singular product as separate add-on attributes. Each attribute has a price for an unlimited amount of quantities. Yea, it's that robust and all editable. We even have a catalog marketplace where you can easily add any vendor's products anywhere into your categories that you want. Whenever they change their cost, we automagically update your price. It's that easy to source, add and sell products. And of course, all of which can be connected to any website you have. And if you can't source a product, NO PROBLEM, we have a team that can get the data connected or build it from scratch. Oh, and we built-in an Inventory Management System as a side bonus. Did we mention it can be setup to print catalogs with barcodes that can allow scanning and adding to you website cart? Yea, it does that too.

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products & Pricing
  • Unlimited Product Attributes (Size, Color, Type, etc)
  • Manufacturer Auto Product and Cost Updates
  • Auto Price Updates Based on Margin
  • Inventory Management
  • ScanCart Integration
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Details coming soon

  • Check back in a few hours for more details
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